Close As Neighbors Review


Neighbour Cousins is written by Semi. The genre of this Manga includes Adult, Comedy, Harem and Seinen. The plot revolves around 3 main characters: Theo and his next door neighbours, the Min sisters.

History of Adult Manga:

Japan has always a bold and unapologetic approach to intimacy and era imagery. This can be taken multiple era painting that has been from the timing and older than today. These paintings are portrayed in such a way that portrays the intimacy the love between the two and more than people 

Explicit painting comes back to Japan back in 1814. It called the name of the “shunga” sexual theme of the art, it has been considered the integral part of the Japan culture. Some concept is modified to the manga today. What’s changes come today, instead of the painting, we see the art in the form of the comics, where the artist share the deepest fantasies of the world. The vast majority of the manga is “adult manga. There are numerous sub-genres, that covers the various forms of the fantasy and that is hard to be fathomed. 

Here, what is something about Manga? 

Though we get closer, the gap cannot be crossed. The certain relationship warms like the pastel colours, but they are unable to burn hotly like the primary colours. It is the fall of the beginning of the campus couple that begins their heart race. he has always been close with his next-door neighbours, the Min sisters.

But what happens if they decide to get… even closer? 

The Close as Neighbors Anime is always together. They are very close to each other. They fight too but come closest to each other. Why people spend most of the time with the two girls. Growing with the two girls. It led them to come close to two sisters. With the passage of the time, they grow old, they took a decision to look closer.

Complicated state of the plot 


The plot thickness grows amongst the three characters, and they decided to get closer. A ( Manhwa neighbour cousin story lane always be like that. It just works in its own ways. The plot is even more complicated and creates confusion in the neighbour cousins Manga. It gets so mixed up, but the engine most of the time is not evenly as satisfying as according to the expectations 

At the starting point, It seems to look like a cheery and sweet path, but afterwards but the plot twists too much, the author also forget how to untwist it back to make it for a good ending.  

So he gives the audience a very bad ending and just leaves them hanging. Either of the two is not satisfied or it is quite unfair with the audience, without not certain end. The audience has invested too much time with manga 

Suitable for mature age group

The example of the neighbour cousins is very same. The cousin manga has been categorized in the “Adult Manhwa “and suitable for the people under the age of 18. It may contain violence, mature content, strong language, blood and gore. Both are engaged to each other the elementary school days 

Why the people read Adult Manga from Mangazuki 

There are lots of people follow the Manga or Manhua, who like to read comics. The people find lots of genres, and each genre has different types of readership. Those people who are interested in an action fantasy stories. People like to prefer these kinds of stories. Some people might like to enjoy the light romantic comedies, an appeal to their interest. Every year, there are some manga or comics type of the stories break the conformists of genres, but rather than on their plot lines, descriptive illustrations and describe the story in an excellent way, 

 The manga and the manhua, which is read and loved by all the people because of the genres. The people who like to give more preference to the light comic reading and give the glimpse of the dark themes or vice versa, because of the amazing storytelling. The amazing story along with the out of world experience. The reader feels a good experience to read. 

Every year, the people describe the new list about the manhwa and manga comics, which come with the broken record along with the fame. There are some of the series that made a hit list and become of the cause of lots of sales

There were some series of manga that made a lot of money. But the sale is not the main factor, which defines the popularity of the manga series. There are several manga series, that was generating a buzz because they come out of the scenario, 

The hot manga series are not only divided into the series, but all the readings are based on their genres.

What is so unique manga about the latest manga?

There are many reasons, that manga got a lot of hype surrounding and before the release. It is a controversy, the leaked plat and the interesting story grab the attention of the reader, a well-received prequel. The famous author is the main cause behind the popularity, the people really loved it, whatever the reasons behind it an, here is the list of the super hype manga series of a year, 

Manga tries to capture the interest and large demographics, as it is compared with the usual genre-oriented manga series. The stories and the characters both talk about certain social issues and depict the actual reality of the world, in which we live in. why people like to read these types of manga stories.  Adult Manga is just loved because of its stories because of the deeper meaning they behold. The characteristics are the main reason behind it. The manga and manhua are added to the hot manga list. 


Adult manga is widely popular since its release and dominated the industry because of the various volumes. Adult manga is the pure person straight out the pure passion of the art and storytelling technique, the traditional comics comprises of the adult content. It hints a well-thought plot. The special emphasis on the connection between the characters. Most of the readers find the manga bold and apologetically. The plot leads to the scenario and takes to the climax situation. There is never such a situation, the reader will find a sensual moment unnecessary in the manga because it will make sense in the end. It is one of the basic reasons that Manga is so popular widely. 

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